Scheme of teaching Hindi through Postal tuition (Correspondence) to non –Hindi Speaking Indians & foreigners in and outside the country was started in 1968 by Central Hindi Directorate. To make this Process of teaching more convenient, bilingual Conversational Guides & Self-Taught in different regional languages (accepted under eighth schedule of constitution of India) along with Hindi have been and yet are being prepared & published.

Conversational Guides are intended to be useful to those whose mother tongue is not Hindi and who desire to pick up spoken & conversational form of Hindi for their day to day dealings. It is equally valuable to the tourists & visitors who seek to get familiar with the basic conversational patterns of Hindi and employ them during their visits to those areas of the country where Hindi is the language of common parlance. These Conversational Guide are Hindi based as well as regional language based. Through these books Hindi speaking persons may also aware of regional languages words and sentences because words and sentences have been given in Devnagri script also.

Bilingual Conversational book is divided into two parts. Part-one Contains Conversational expressions and part-two contains a glossary of useful words.
The material of conversational books have been subsequently scrutinized and modified by a committee of linguists and departmental experts, set up for this purpose.

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