Bhasha, Varshiki, Sahityamala are notable publications under the Scheme of Publications of Central Hindi Directorate. The main purpose of these publications is to explore and establish inter-relationship between the Indian Languages enumerated in the Eighth schedule of the constitution of India. Following is the brief introduction of these publications :-


This Hindi periodical is being published regularly since 1961. It was published as a quarterly magazine till December, 1991. Now, it is being published as bi-monthly magazine since January, 1992. Critical articles pertaining to Linguistics, Grammar, Comparative Indian Literature and various literary forms as well as ideological articles on current topics are published in Bhasha. Original Hindi stories, poems and translated version of fictions and poetry from other Indian languages are published in this periodical. Critical reviews by experts on latest Hindi publications are also included in Bhasha.

Following are the aims and objective of Bhasha :-

  • To enrich Hindi by accepting and adding words from other Indian languages in the field of education, art, science, research, law, administration etc;
  • To make Hindi accurately and effectively capable of all sorts of expressions and to enrich it by accepting words from other regional languages without disturbing its own moral spirit.
  • To explore similarities between all Indian languages and to open their doors for exchange of knowledge, experiences and feelings. Six issues of Bhasha are being published every year, out of which one or two special issues, focused on some specific theme are also published. Following are some of the notable special issues of Bhasha
  • Lipi visheshank (1968)
  • Hindi Bhashavigyan (1973)
  • Vishwa Hindi Sammelan (1975)
  • Bal Visheshank (1979)
  • Premchand Visheshank (1981)
  • Rajat Jayanti Visheshank (March - May, 1985)
  • Devenagari Lipi Evam Manak Vartani Visheshank
    (March - April, 1996)
  • Sant Kabir Visheshank (May - June, 1998)
  • Bharatiya Lokgeet Visheshank (March - April, 1999)
  • Sampark Bhasha Hindi Ke Pachaas Varsh (July - August, 2000)
  • Dr. Nagendra Smriti Ank (March - April, 2001)
  • Anuprayukt Bhasha Vigyan Visheshank (Nov - Dec, 2001)
  • Soochana Praudyogiki evam Bharatiya Bhashaie Visheshank (May-June, 2002)
  • Videshon Mein Hindi Sahitya (March - April, 2003)
  • Uttar - Poorvi Sahitya Visheshank (Nov - Dec, 2004)
  • Lok Sahitya Visheshank (July - August, 2005)
  • Bharatiya Yayavar Sahitya Visheshank (May - June, 2006)
  • Bhartiya Bal Sahitya Visheshank (May - June, 2007)
  • Special issue on Hazari Prasad Dwivedi (July-August 2008)
  • Special issue on Ramdhari Singh Dinkar (Sept. Oct. 2008)
  • Special issue on Harivansh Rai Bachchan (Nov. Dec. 2008)
  • Agyeya Visheshank (Nov. Dec. 2010)
  • Special issue on Kavi Shamsher (January-February 2011)
  • Special issue on Kavi Nagarjun (March-April 2011)
  • Special issue on Kavi Kedarnath Agrawal (May- June 2011)
  • Special issue on Upendra Nath Ashk evam Faiz
    Ahmed Faiz (July-August 2011)
  • Ram Vilas Sharma Visheshank (May-June 2013)
  • Special issue on Bhawani Prasad Mishra, Gopal Singh Nepali, Vishnu Prabhakar evam Saadat Hasan Manto
    (July-August 2013)
  • Vishwa Hindi Sammelan Visheshank (July-August-Sept. Oct. 2015)
  • Shivmangal Singh Suman, Bhishma Sahni,Dr. Nagendra, Amrit Lal Nagar evam Pt.Gopal Prasad Vyas Janmashati Visheshank (Nov. Dec. 2015)
  • Abhinavgupt aur Bhartiya Sahitya Visheshank
    (Sept. Oct. 2016)
  • Dr. Ambedkar Visheshank (January-February 2017)
  • Bhartiya Sahitya me Rashtriya Chetna Visheshank (March-April 2017)
  • Pt. Deen Dayal Upadhyay Visheshank (Sept. Oct. 2017)
  • Pravasi Sahitya Visheshank (Jan.Feb.2018)
  • Bharitya Aatma Katha Sahitya Visheshank (March.April.2018)


This is a yearly periodical. Articles based on annual survey of the literature published in all Indian languages are compiled in this publication. Survey based critical articles on all literary forms of Hindi Literature are also published in this periodical. Varshiki is being published since 1971. The purpose of this publication is to keep its readers well informed through its up to date informative articles on literature of all the Indian Languages and particularly genre wise publications in Hindi during the year. Varshiki is specifically useful for the scholars who have a distinctive interest in comparative Indian Literature. The latest published issue of Varshiki is of year 2016. 


This is published with a view to strengthen basic unity of Indian languages and to enhance the awareness and interest of literary enthusiasts in literature of various languages. So far, many remarkable books have been published under this scheme. Some of them are :-

  • Bhartiya Bhashaon ke Sahitya ka sankshipt Itihaas
  • Bhartiya Kavita mein Rashtriya Chetana
  • Bhartiya Natak Evam Rangmanch
  • Bhartiya Nibandh
  • Jayashankar Prasad: Srijan ke vividh aayam
  • Indiraji Ka Hindi Prem
  • Swatantryottar Bhartiya Sahitya
  • Bhartiya kavayitriyan - Part I, II
  • Nirala Ka kaljayee Vyaktitva
  • Bhartiya Kavita : Teen Dashak (1961-1990)
  • Bhartiya Upanyas : Antim Dashak (1991-2000)
  • Hindi aur Vibhinna Bhartiya Bhashayen : Tulnatmak Adhyayan (1961-1975)
  • Aadivasi Vimarsh
  • Purvottar Bhartiya Sahitya

For subscription of Bhasha, please contact at the following address:

Publication Division,

Civil Lines Delhi - 110054

E-mail: aeop-dep[at]nic[dot]in, pub[dot]dep[at]nic[dot]in
Website :

Rashriya Sahityik Parisamvad

A programme of 'Literary Symposium' was started by the 'Bhasha' magazine in 1991 to initiate an intense discussion on innovative literature of Hindi and non-Hindi writers as well as on the most recent, contemporary and burning issues of Hindi language. In this 2/3 day symposium; jointly organized by the Central Hindi Directorate and leading voluntary Hindi institutions and Hindi department of various universities; scholars and experts of Hindi and non-Hindi language discuss in open forum and try to reach some conclusions. Active participation of the listeners is ensured through mutual discussion with the experts so that a strong and standardized base can be provided to the deep analysis of the subject. Thus, this symposium has much wider dimensions.

Some of the symposiums organized by the Bhasha are:-

S.No. Subject Weal Organizing Organization Period
1 Hindi : Sahastrabdi mein pravesh Department of Hindi, Kolkata University 03-05 February, 2000
2 Adhunik Hindi Sahitya mein Jeevani aur Aatmkatha Hindi Sahitya Kala Parishad, Port Blair, Andaman-Nicobar 28-30 January, 2002
3 Hindi aur Anay Bhartiya Bhashaen: Antar Sambandh Dakshin Bharat Hindi Prachar Sabha, Dharwaad, Karnataka 19-20 December, 2003
4 Kosh vigyan aur Dwibhashik Kosh-Nirmaan ki Samasyaen Dakshin Bharat Hindi Prachar Sabha, Ernakulam, Kerala 19-20 January, 2005
5 Bhartiya Sahitya mein Rashtriya Chetna Bhaswar Bhasha Sanskritee Sansthan, Hyderabad 05-06 November, 2016
6 Bhartiya Aatm Katha Sahitya Vishwvyapak Hindi Sanchar Kendra, Aizawl, Mizoram 25-26 October, 2017
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