(Recognition of Hindi Examinations.)

A. According to notification/ file no, 24-4/2001 T.S. III, dated 21st November 2006, of Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India; Prathma Pareeksha conductedby 'Hindi Sahitya Sammelan Prayag', Allahabad is recognised and equivalent to matriculation;only uptill 26th November 2010.

A. As per the records available with Central Hindi Directorate, 'Hindi Vidyapeeth Deoghar's(Bihar) Sahityalankar examination is equivalent to Hindi level B.A.only. This examination is not treated as full- fledged B.A.or graduation.

A. According to the Central Hindi Directorate, Bhasha Ratna examination of 'Mumbai Hindi Vidyapeeth,' Mumbai ; is equivalent to Hindi level Intermediate Only. This examination cannot be treated as full fledged Intermediate.

A. Regarding this, no information is available with Central Hindi Directorate. Kindly directly contact 'Hindi Sahitya Sammelan Prayag', Allahabad or NCTE (National Council for Teacher Education) for any further query.

A. Regarding this, Central Hindi Directorate do not have any information. For further information, please directly contact 'Dakshin Bharat Hindi Prachar Sabha.' T. Nagar, Chennai-1.

A. Central Hindi Directorate do not possess any information in this regard. We don't know whether 'Dakshin Bharat Hindi Prachar Sabha,' Dharwad is recognized as the university or not and whether they are entitled to award Ph.D. degree or not. So, for all queries related to recognition of Ph.D. awarded by 'Dakshin Bharat Hindi Prachar Sabha', Dharwad, Please contact the institution directly at 'Dakshin Bharat Hindi Prachar Sabha', T- Nagar, Chennai

A. As far as the government jobs are concerned, it is clarified that the various examinations conducted by different voluntary Hindi organizations are not considered equal to exams held by other State Examination Boards and universities. As far, the question of recognition of these examinations for the government jobs are concerned; it has been decided that if any specific qualification of Hindi has been mentioned for any post in academic institution or government organization then the candidate possessing these qualifications will be eligible for the post; but if any such specific qualification of Hindi is not mentioned separately, then the holder of these degree/certificate, awarded by above mentioned various voluntary Hindi institutions, will not be considered equal to the certificate/degrees awarded by various universities or other State Examination Boards.

A. In this regard, it is clarified here that the names of various Hindi examinations, conducted by many voluntary Hindi institutions are decided and adopted by the institutions themselves. Therefore, this type of discrepancy is found among the titles or examinations, conducted by different institutions; for the same level. Whereas, the question of equivalency of Praveen examination by both the institutions is concerned; the recognition of Praveen examination conducted by 'Dakshin Bharat Hindi Prachar Sabha', Chennai is equal to Hindi level B.A., while Praveen exam of 'Maharashtra Rashtra Bhasha Sabha', Pune is equal to Hindi level Intermediate; as per the Central Hindi Directorate (Ministry of Human Resource Development).

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